Goodbye Golden Boy...Hello Pretty Boy!

The purpose of this column is to call out ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd Mayweather from his sabbatical and do what he knows and does best.

After seeing ‘The Pac Man’ Manny Pacquiao utterly destroy the Golden Boy, making him look like the Olden Boy, well Floyd must already be shadow boxing in one of his many mirrors at his palatial home here in Las Vegas. Come on Floyd you’ve done the ‘Dancing with Stars’ bit, you certainly don’t want to take another chance of getting crushed by ‘The Big Show’ at WWE, and you can only do so many VIP Tables at Clubs. It’s about that time to do what all the great ones eventually do, and that’s to re-stake your claim as the best pound for pound fighter on the planet.

I have yet to take your name down from the top spot of my pound for pound list at I just know you cannot resist the fame, acclaim, adulation, athletic desire and, of course, all that cash that you’re gonna make by stepping back on boxing’s biggest stage. And now, there is an eager, young, aggressive, hot fighter that is really worth getting your mind, body and spirit back to doing what it is your born to do.

Now Floyd, you may still have a bit more time to relax, as Ricky Hatton may be in line first against the Pac Man. By the way, that fight in and of itself will be a great one, perhaps even nearly a pick-em fight as Hatton will provide pressure and a fighting spirit that Oscar De La Hoya lacked.

By the way you probably have noticed already I have really nothing to say about De La Hoya’s performance or lack there of. You know why? There’s nothing to say except he just got old, real old. Boxing more than any other sport totally exposes this. Unlike Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and nearly every other sport, when a boxer gets old, it cannot be masked when he faces a good or, in this case, great opponent. Just because Oscar can still make the weight does not mean he still make ‘the great‘.

I have seen this happen before with greats like Muhammad Ali, who got pencil thin to fight Larry Holmes and Sugar Ray Leonard, who looked chiseled against Terry Norris and in his last fight against Hector Macho Camacho. Ali and Leonard both looked the part cosmetically, yet they were no longer the part as fighters, they were done totally spent fistically. After the fight Saturday night, I spoke to Angelo Dundee who trained both Ali and Leonard and was, for whatever reason, working somewhat with Oscar for this fight. Before I could even say anything to Angelo about the fight he made the sign of a zero with his right hand. He need not explain as he had seen both Ali and Leonard and now Oscar have zero left in their pugilistic gas tank. Oscar simply has nothing left, and he is not the type of fighter to go out on a shield, but he certainly did great for himself and the sport and for that I say thanks for the memories Oscar.

So Floyd, how about you get your butt back inside the squared circle and create some more great memories. You deserve it and boxing fans deserve it and you know what, the one thing that has always eluded you is a great opponent to push you above and beyond what you have shown us thus far. A fight with Manny Pacquiao perhaps would be that type of fight. If you’re Willie Pep, he could be your Sandy Sadler, If your Ali, he could be your Frazier. If your Riddick Bowe, he could be your Evander Holyfield.

Pretty Boy vs Pac Man, wow it has a ring to it doesn’t it? I can give you about 20 million other reasons to make this happen. Hey, you can replace that stolen jewelry and install a much better alarm system. Come on Floyd, I miss ya, boxing misses ya, don’t make me come looking for you man. I know where you live. I will actually do my best to catch up with Floyd for a chat and as soon as I do we’ll bring the conversation right to you, and I will do what needs to be done to make this fight a reality.

Until next time fight fans, keep your hands up and chin down.

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