Floyd and Oscar, it's time to get it on already.

Today’s final press conference for Saturday’s mega showdown between Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather was fairly uneventful as I expected it to be.  I think everyone involved is a little worn down from the long build up for this fight.  The fighters have had to endure a lot more than what they have come to expect from any of their prior fights.  Even De La Hoya who has been involved in several huge fights has been busier than ever for this one.

One of the main things both fighters had to do was the HBO 24/7 pieces that have been running.  Both fighters are used to the press tours and phone conferences, but this 24/7 project was totally different and I think has caused both fighters to be a little drained despite what they might say.  I thought it was very apparent with Floyd who had little to say when he actually was called upon to speak at the podium.  As expected he had plenty to say and was animated at the stare down with Oscar.   

As for the Golden Boy, the thing that my producer, Jon Hait, and I noticed right away was that De La Hoya had the sniffles and seemed to be a little congested when he spoke.  Most likely it’s just from the change in climate from the clean air of Puerto Rico to the windy nasty air here in Vegas the last few days.  Most likely it won’t matter, but it is something we both noticed.   

All in all today’s press conference was bland with the exception of Floyd’s uncle and trainer Roger Mayweather who made a fool of himself again, this time by putting down Oscar’s trainer Freddy Roach, and then really making a total ass of himself by putting down Roach’s former mentor the late, great Hall of Fame trainer Eddie Futch, one of the greatest trainers in boxing history.  Roger and Floyd Mayweather Sr. need to get a grip on their egos.  Both are good trainers, just as is Roach, but are they in the league of Futch? Sorry Charlie, or Roger or Floyd Sr.

The other low point of the press conference came from WBC President Jose Suliaman who actually referred to Floyd Jr by the name of his other uncle, Jeff, who was not even on the dais!   

Couple of other quick notes, all of the sponsors involved in this fight, and there are a lot for a boxing event, the most I have ever seen, are really only involved because of Oscar’s presence on the card.  The only sponsor that Mayweather may have brought to the table is Wrigley Chewing Gum.  The reason I say this is that Uncle Roger and Floyd’s right hand man, Leonard Ellerbee, were both chewing gum while they were speaking on the stage.  Great Podium etiquette.

So no real fireworks from today’s final press conference, both fighters know all too well that they will need all of their mental and physical resources for 12 rounds Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.  I expect things to heat up some Friday at the weigh-in, especially from the Mayweather camp.  Expect a lot more bubble gum and lip flapping from them.  As for Oscar, I suspect he will remain fairly calm and composed, as his entire focus is to burst any Mayweather bubbles Saturday night.   We’ll have more following the weigh-in.  See you then fight fans.

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