Clottey Defeats Judah - Margarito vs. Cotto One Week Later

Well I’m just about off for a nice vacation away from just about everyone and everything except my mom and maybe an occasional black bear. I’m headed towards to Appalachian Mountains in Northern Georgia to my retreat to finish writing my movie. The North Georgia Mountains are so quiet and peaceful. You know where that is don’t you? Think back to the movie 1972 movie Deliverance, taken from the book by James Dickey, directed by John Boorman and staring Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight, Ronnie Cox and who can forget, “ weeee , squeal like a pig,” Ned Beatty. I’ll be avoiding any wild pigs or people I hope. So I will delay my packing just long enough to give you this short staccato jab type column.

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Cotto vs Margarito!

Fight week in Las Vegas and a great fight it should be as Puerto Rican Superstar Miguel Cotto puts his unbeaten record and pound for pound status on the line against hard punching, tough, sturdy-chinned, Mexican Antonio Margarito Saturday night at the MGM Grand. Wow, I can’t wait!

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Calzaghe Defeats Hopkins!

The Joe Calzaghe vs. Bernard Hopkins fight went as expected, or at least as I expected.  Calzaghe the slightly younger, faster, fresher, hungrier fighter of the two won the fight by a decision. Now having said this, Calzaghe is not all that young and fresh at age 36, but he is still hungry in the sense of worldwide recognition and lucrative paydays.  Read more: Calzaghe Defeats Hopkins!

Quick Hits and Pac-Man vs Marquez Pick

First off, let me say that finally Sam Peter fulfilled my pugilistic prophecy from about three years ago when I said he would become the first Nigerian-born Heavyweight Champion, (sorry Ike Ibeabuche but you’re in jail and missed out).  Sam stopped the 39-year old, and looking much older, Oleg Masqaev in round six last Saturday night in Cancun to win the WBC belt.  Read more: Quick Hits and Pac-Man vs Marquez Pick

2008 is Shaping Up!

We are off to a nice start to 2008 in the world of Pugilism with the exception of the heavyweight division.  We had a nice rematch with Kelly Pavlik and Jermain Taylor last month and this past weekend, we had a fantastic rubber match between Israel Vazquez and Rafael Marquez. The fistic fireworks should continue the next two weekends.  Read more: 2008 is Shaping Up!

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